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  • Provide the 11 best technologies for your home

    If you plan to repair or build a new house, it is recommended to think about some technological updates.

    Whether you are aiming to save time, reduce clutter or become green, there are many technological innovations that can ease your life and increase the value of your home.

    This is our favorite 11th.

    1. Go to wireless network
    Where we are used to “connect” our home technology, wireless technology now allows us to easily use the latest technology. In the living room, connect a smart TV, such as an Apple TV or Google Chromecast, to your TV’s HDMI port, and your wireless network can see your TV and allow you to view content over a wireless network

    Improve existing speaker settings at the enthusiast level by replacing the amplifier with an amplifier with built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Then you can link your speakers to several smartphones so that all party members can contribute to the playlist by adding tunes to the queue.

    If you do not want to use bulky loudspeakers at all, you can move the portable portable bluetooth loudspeaker from one room to another (or from outside to the street) – some may even be waterproof, so you can safely listen by the pool.

    2. Invisible charging
    To remove additional wiring, you can use the charging pad to charge the phone, smart clock and other devices. Depending on the design you choose, some do not even look like electronics. In the market there is some furniture, such as table lamps, and on the base there is a built-in charging panel for inconspicuous charging of the phone!

    3. Non-contact faucet
    You can already see them in the commercial bathroom, but now you can use a non-contact faucet in your own home. Use a hanging mixer in the kitchen to avoid bacteria transfer and save water. You can also adjust the water temperature electronically to get the optimum temperature for your task.

    4. Under the LED cabinet lighting
    When you cook dinner, the lighting in the kitchen cabinet illuminates the top of the workbench and provides a softer night lighting for midnight snacks.

    5. The remote control
    Now you can easily install a lighting automation system in your next home renovation. These systems work with existing lamps, lamps and sockets, creating technology in the lamp.

    You can change the color and brightness of each lamp in your home from your phone. Set the timer so that your lights turn on automatically every night and greet you at home.

    You can also set the main light switch, which allows you to control the lighting of the entire house with one interactive display.

    6. Intelligent heating
    Forget the programmable thermostat – now there is a thermostat with a motion sensor that can detect when no one is at home, and automatically turns off heating or cooling. Over time, he will know your schedule and can be set to turn on the heating system before you return home.

    7. Energy monitoring
    With these new technologies, you will need to monitor your home’s energy consumption to ensure its productivity. The Home Energy monitor monitors the use of various electrical, lighting and HVAC systems in your home, allowing you to view and adjust your day or week of use, for example, adjust the temperature according to the actual life time.

    8. Smart door lock
    These touch screen latches can be easily installed in existing doors. Like your phone, you can unlock (and lock) your home by entering a password.

    Is the cleaner allowed to enter your home from 9 am to noon on Wednesday? You can give them a unique code that is valid only for these hours.

    Of course, smart gateways can connect wirelessly to your security system and other home automation systems.

    9. Home Security System
    Regardless of where you are, modern home security systems can transfer video to your phone and alert you of any suspicious noise or movement detected.

    10. Garage door opener
    So we have a garage door. But now you can see, open or close the door of your garage from anywhere in the world – you can also turn it on or off from a distance.

    11. Smart home center
    Perhaps you’ve heard about Google Home, Apple HomePod or Amazon Amazon, but what is it? These intelligent home hubs (and many others) are new artificial intelligence devices that integrate all intelligent home devices with voice commands and applications.

    Depending on the product you select, you can