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  • 10 ways to maximize the volume of your home space

    Why do we seem to never have enough space? We were all in the original salons, everything is neatly hidden, but in our own home it seems more complicated.

    Now you can implement it in 12 simple ways to maximize storage space – and make your home look like a new home!

    1. Adjust the height of the shelf
    Our home design can and should be adapted to our needs – so why maintain the height of the shelf, as was originally established?

    By adjusting the height of the shelf according to your needs, you can easily make room for additional shelves.

    The maximum height required between each shelf is about 5 cm larger than the tallest object that you store on the shelf, so there is room for its extension.

    2. Add a rotating shelf
    Rotating the shelf is a great way to save space in the closet and avoid waste.

    Usually the items behind the cabinet are not used, because you can not see them. When you buy unwanted alternatives, they leave the validity period.

    The rotating shelf can be pulled out and rotated so that you can easily see each item in the cabinet. Regardless of whether you choose one or more layers, they are ideal for preventing food and space losses.

    3. Turn the shelf into a small room

    By adding a basket or divider, the shelf can easily turn into a small room.

    They are usually made of wood, metal or plexiglas, and they are an innovative and attractive way of placing items on shelves.

    Boxes or dividers can be easily upgraded for your existing furniture by someone with experience of improving the home.

    4. Will be stored under the stairs

    The space under the stairs is very valuable and should not be wasted. Many modern homes now use innovative storage solutions under the stairs.

    Thanks to the height of this space, it is ideal for placing various shelves, drawers and even one or two cabinets.

    5. Add hooks everywhere

    Hooks can be found everywhere – in a cabinet for storing scarves or ties, for dressing gowns behind the bedroom door or for storing sports equipment in the garage.

    You can even add hooks to the kitchen, as they provide an attractive way to display pots, pans and cutlery, making them easily accessible.

    6. Wardrobe around the clothing design
    If you have the opportunity to create your own house, you will definitely meet your needs as much as possible. So why not start with your closet?

    Look at the clothes that you own, and find the best way to maximize the space of your wardrobe based on the items that you use the most.

    If you basically have casual clothing that folds up, rather than suspended, you have to add more shelves.

    If most of your clothes are smart, give preference to a more polite space. The floor area is necessary if you have a lot of shoes.

    This simple technique can save you a lot of space in the closet.

    7. Go to bed
    Your bed is large and takes up a lot of space. You can use this space creatively by installing a loft bed.

    An innovative and charming loft bed allows you to sleep near the ceiling, leaving plenty of room under the table, sitting area, dressing table or other storage.

    8. Hide the box in the furniture

    Many large pieces of furniture are ideal for hidden boxes, which allows you to maximize the use of space in several rooms.

    In the kitchen, the boxes can be easily installed on the kitchen island or on the floor of the plinth.

    The bed platform makes room for your bedroom. They usually contain boxes, so they do not require a dressing table.

    Or, if you want to save extra space in the living room, choose a coffee table with a drawer or replace it with a coffee table with an ottoman.

    9. Use the bath in the closet
    Plastic baths or rattan baskets are a simple and effective way to organize space in a closet.

    They can help you group items for similar purposes or store waste that does not have a natural home elsewhere.

    They are an excellent solution so that you do not have to find what you are looking for in a mess.

    10. Reach for the ceiling

    The area above the cupboard or high furniture is ideal for storing items that you do not use very often.

    They can be neatly placed in small containers in a closet, kitchen cupboard or the top of the refrigerator.

    Make sure that you have a comfortable staircase so you can get to these items when you need it – and because of the risk of injury do not store heavy